Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Prussia Goes To The Disco - A Summer Mix Tape - - 8/7 - The American Apparel-PLEX

4163 Commonwealth (Woodbridge)

Saturday Night

Prussia will offer the first 50 people through the door a FREE CD highlighting with jams from their "summer disco" mixtape.
Beyond this, they still have a proper Prussia-album - that's been wrapping up this month - so keep your ears open and eyes peeled this summer...

Here's one right now: "Annie" - by Prussia (from, Prussia Goes to the Disco - A Summer Mixtape)

Prussia - "Annie" by user4841122

Now, this is just a mixtape; they are, in fact, still finishing up their LP (following up the Blessed Be EP) - which is still forthcoming. This is just a appetite whetter. (Whetter?) A summery dance romp via minimalist synth grooves and weird arty indie pop. More is on the way.

So, in that summery dance tradition - why not a house party?

Photos: Trever Long -b/w; Mike Milo -blue

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