Monday, April 18, 2011

Almost Free - In/Out - 4/23 - Pike Room


When the sunshine of pop over-scorches the trouncing crescendos and angular riffs of post punk, when the keyed-up pop sensibilitiy just sweeps up the other wise daydreamy-grooves and dreamy synth glistening of new-wave, crashing it all together and carrying it forth into unabashed anthems, that quicken pulses and set heads bobbing and feet stomping - you get Almost Free - a Detroit trio that's been honing that popped-out brio and bluster for their new EP In/Out. Almost Free's sound is certainly got a glisten to it (it should, having been produced by Marc Jordan (Velvet Revolver, The Cult) and Todd Weinstock (Glassjaw), a duo that also recently remixed the Klaxons), but there's an undeniable scuffed and tumbling zing to it all; it's just fun, really, to hear a song that hooks you right away, yet sets this urgent vibe to it that hints, or howls that, to this song: we just gotta get up and start running ...or maybe dancing...or at least just jittering... This is what happens when indie-rock sensibilities don't shy away from pop, (see those that came before: Tokyo Police Club, or Tapes N Tapes); you get grittier grooving new-wave basslines blend with a tightly wound space-rock aesthetic ("Don't Bother Me Now") or the instantaneous hooks and mellifluous balladeer belting atop gushed-and-almost-rushed guitars and synths ("Really Don't Know About You")

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