Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Phantasmagoria + Jon Zott; Weekend Ruminations; Color & Colour

Electro-spheric indie-pop alliances:

Detroit's Phantasmagoria will be doing a musical (re-)mix and mingle with New York based producer Jon Zott, for a forthcoming split digital release... that has them trading their respective recent singles.

This is a good match, as both bands conjure dreamy, beat-percolated drifts that aim to dynamize both the ethereal and the effervescent...

This is likely going to be out the first week of May, maybe even as early as after the weekend... Meanwhile, in the days leading up to their weekend performance, (Phantasmagoria will be at the Atlas in Hamtramck, Saturday, 4/30) -Christopher Jarvis, (who helms majority of the duo's synths and back-up vocals) will unpack and rework Zott's bleary, shuffling A.M. anthem - "Rise & Shine (listen)" - while Zott will transform the Detroit duo's latest release of organic/electronica, the lightly-haunted/just-short-of-summery vibed "Empty Houses (listen)"

~Also - Phantasmagoria have yet-another 7" single, coming out in a month, on Five Three Dial Tone.


Addendum: Whilst we're in the electro-pop mood... whether this has already bustled and buzzed its way through the Facebook channels enough to already be old news...regardless, I'd still like to direct more ears and eyes over to take in some of Radio Wire Empire's Color & Colour EP - particularly:

"The Insistence of Dawn -or- the Battle of the Backs and their Beasts (-listen)"

Punchy beats sway, numinous whirling chimes churn along only to be cut away for just an acoustic-and-voice pairing that seems to take in a few breaths at a staticy synth-streamed forest.... All the while, showing a fine sense for texture and a stirred-up ambience.

Let's see where that goes...

More info from Radio Wire Empire

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