Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rock Lottery on Earth Day (@ Magic Stick)

It's essentially a no-brainer that any town with such a verdant crop of musicians should host its own Rock Lottery -harvest these music heads together and make some mixed salads! Don't let it go to waste!

This will be a mixed--mingled-and-improvisational event picking 60 musicians from various local bands and throwing them together to form 15-one-night-only-bands (four members each). Each band will perform one cover song and one original song (having had just one-week to prepare/rehearse...let alone get acquainted with each other's musical idiosyncrasies...)

This happens on April 22nd - Earth Day at the Magic Stick- The Rock Lottery originated almost 15 years ago in Denton TX - It would also be a no-brainer to have the energy and enthusiasm of this special event not be channeled into something beneficial. I mean, as much as we may grouse about the price hikes, it'd be selfish to have all this fun go towards merely stuffing a wee bit extra gas money into a musician's back pocket.

-So, just as we saw recently with Detroit by Detroit's proceeds going towards Japan's Disaster Relief Efforts, Detroit's 3rd Annual Rock Lottery's proceeds benefit The Greening of Detroit.

Learn about the Greening of Detroit here - "The not for profit organization works to guide and inspire the community to create a "greener" Detroit -through planting and educational programs, environmental leadership, advocacy, and by building community capacity."

Learn about their current projects here.

Learn about Greening's workshops here. - And volunteer here.

The Day-of Earth Day...visit The Detroit Zoo or dig on "Earth Appreciation Day" at Clinton/Huron Metro Parks throughout Oakland County (free admission! + might I encourage you to participate in a park clean up?)

And are you keeping up on Green Week in Ferndale?

News: "One Year Later: Assessing the Lasting Impact of the Gulf Oil Spill" - via marine biologist Carl Safina's Environment 360 blog.


So then - back to the music -

The line up (see below) was arranged by Virginia Benson...
(my personal bet is on # 4...and # 8 (Steve's a preternatural 'wild card'...and then maybe # 1...Jen has extensive experience with on-the-fly covers): ~

1. Kevin Herron (Esquire), Jake Culkowski (Conspiracy Of Owls, Magic Jake & The Power Crystals), Bobby Colombo (State Lottery), Ben Luckett (Magic Jake & The Power Crystals)

2. Jennifer David (Illy Mack), Andrew Hecker (The Displays), Ryan Felton (Louder Than Bombs), Alex Chisholm

3. Stevie Michael (Grande Nationals), Allison Young (Kickstand Band), Steve Shaw (The Fondas), Maria Nuccilli (The Deadbeat Beat)

4. Scott Dunkerley (Frustrations), Gordon Smith (The Sights, Kickstand Band), Vince Mazzola (Gardens), Ryan Spencer (Prussia)

5. Laura Finlay, Chris Cox (Brave Riffles), Steve Nawara (Conspiracy Of Owls), Todd McNulty (The Sugarcoats, Lee Marvin's Computer Arm)

6. Leah Diehl (Lightening Love), Dale Wilson (Octopus), Jackson F. Smith, Beren Ekine

7. Liz Wittman (Lettercamp), Dan Clark (Old Empire, Songs From The Moon), Bill Kozy (Speedball), Dave Malosh (Wolfbait)

8. Steven Michael Puwalski (Marco Polio & The New Vaccines), Lianna Cecil (Tyvek), Mike Hubbarth, Jesse Shepard Bates (Jesse & The Gnome, The Satin Peaches)

9. Marcie Bolen (Silverghost), Chris Housholder (Replicas), Alia Allen (Mirror Twin), Shelby April Murphy

10. Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive), Nick Chevillet (The Handgrenades), Erik Maluchnik (Sha Diamond La Freedom), Jeff Klein (Vargas)

11. Amy Gore (Gorevette, Amy Gore & Her Valentines), Steevo Jolly, Johnny Ill, Trent Desenglau

12. Loretta Lucas (Mirror Twin), Bryan Brozowski (Solar Temple Cult), Craig Brown (Terrible Twos, Brownstown Gals), Erik Roosen (Jesse & The Gnome)

13. Sean Spencer, Melody Malosh (Betty Cooper), Alex Glendening (Kickstand Band), Matt Becker (Easy Action)

14. Andrew Beer (Noman), Stephen Palmer (Back In Spades), Anthony Selph (Vargas), Billy West

15. Chris Campbell (Terrible Twos, The Johnny Ill Band), Nick Cicchetti (Millions Of Brazilians), Fabrizio Costantini

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