Saturday, April 9, 2011

Panda Bear ...and Crystal Stilts

As I'd rambled a bit about Panda Bear in the post below - it'd be impolite not to share the news regarding that project, headed by Animal Collective's Noah Lennox, and his 2nd full lenght, Tomboy (on PawTracks).

As of today - you can still stream it from NPR.

It comes out on April 12th.

Lennonx, meanwhile, also guest DJ'ed for "All Songs Considered" - Listen.

"Last Night at the Jetty" is the first single... but, personally, I have been digging "Slow Motion" and "Surfer Hymn" - the latter of which gets remixed by Actress - Listen.


So then - Crystal Stilts will also release an album (In Love With Oblivion on Slumberland) on April 12th - (...and later on, May 21st, they come to Detroit to play the Magic Stick).

It'll sound (and, to this certain extent, look) something like this...

More info on Crystal Stilts...

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