Thursday, April 7, 2011

How we run this way - living for today...

~ There are days where there's just too much going on... so much to post...

Inaugeral Art X Detroit Festival

Art X Detroit, a veritable Blowout for the visual/creative arts scene radiating throughout the area (and out into the world), demonstrates "the depth and diversity of artists, musicians and writers working in metro Detroit..." This inaugeral festival features works by 38 Kresge Foundation fellows like Ed Fraga, Susan Goethel Campbell and Gilda Snowden, along with eminent artists like CAID-founder Charles McGee - at 40 separate events (all free) throughout a dozen locations in the Midtown neighborhood. April 6 - 10

As Free Press writer Mark Stryker eloquently put it in his recent feature, Art X Detroit is "another marker of how culture has reshaped the city's economy and infrastructure and elevated the quality of life in the region. The festival also underscores what local and national arts leaders see as Detroit's untapped potential." A fine feature, click above, that also starts the conversation about galvanizing Detroit's arts economy...

More info @ Art X Detroit - see the schedule


Deadbeat Beat's busy weekend Photo: Christopher Ryan Michael

So this felicitously-fuzzed-out surf pop trio has been busy... Not only having fit themselves into Jesse Shepherd-Bates' exhilerating and hectic 11-band-birthday-show-bill (last night)...but now, they're performing tonight, Thursday, out in Ypsilanti with Nat Baldwin and the Secret Twins - -the latter of whom, DBB recently shared a split 7" single with, via bassist Josh Gillis' new Sneaky Eurekas label.

DBB also performs Friday night - at the Painted Lady, along with Chicago's clattery garage rock aces White Mystery and one of DC's newer favorites, the delicately-deliciously-balanced bash of psychedelic and surf rock via Ypsilanti quartet Bad Indians...

Mirrortwin's "Kelly & Fabrizio"

photo: Sarah Aldridge

I would have gotten to this sooner...but it was a busy week. Thankfully, Rachel May, over at the Free Press, had the 7" single release of dreamy/shadowy-shimmying pop/rock quartet Mirrortwin - Saturday night at one of their usual haunts, The Atlas Bar, in Hamtramck.

The Sisters Lucas' new procjest was summed up by sister-Loretta as something close to new-wave dash of Detroit's distinct rock vibe.

Expect a staggering auditory "Kelly and Fabrizio" was recorded at Chris Koltay's High Bias Studios, with help from the renowned ears of Warren Defever and Collin Dupuis... That's a lot of imposingly talented cooks in your kitchen... and it comes out on Italy Records.

Benefit for Drew Podgorski The Suicide Machines, Bars of Gold (pictured, left), the Hi-Fi Hand Grenades and ForDireLifeSake are hosting a heartening benefit show for a dear friend who has suffered through an extremely rare case of stroke (to his cervical spinal chord) and has, upon returning from a 2-month stint in the hospital, been unable to return to work and thus considerably hindered by continuous hospital bills atop the already rising cost of living. "On April 9th (at the Majestic Theatre), we are all coming together in an attempt to raise money to help him get through this..." The doors are at 5pm and bands start right around 6 - $10 - all ages... ....................................... As I'm posting this, Phantasmagoria's Christopher Jarvis just tipped me over to Jon Zott's latest recordings - so let this dreamy ditty help warm you into a more Spring-ish mood wihle you read this rant... - Jon Zott - "Rise and Shine"

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