Monday, April 18, 2011

Jet Rodriguez - Mourning Days / Morning Daze

I talk a lot about the eclectic range of sounds and styles coming out of the band's in Detroit, but it's often limiting, as I'm essentially comparmentalizing bands, whether intended or not, into one sound or another...

With certain bands, you can hear substantial eclecticism within one album's worth of songs; as the Jet Rodriguez open things up on their forthcoming LP Mourning Days/Morning Daze with what sounds like theatric, rustling indie-folk displaced onto some surf-tinged/Morricone-conjuring spaghetti-western ("Fountain of Youth"), but, later on, bring in a murkier groove that feels bluesy, or perhaps almost gothic-bluegrassy?--on the title track.

"Hold Your Footing, Back Down" is a stirring, twilight folk and bluegrass drifter, showcasing their knack for harmonies and bringing in the tinny charm of banjos and mandolins. (That same mandolin can shine for you, again, on "If We Want To (We Can Stop This)" -a more pared back folk ballad bolstered by its steadily-building percussive boom).

You can name your price for their LP through the month of May - and they'll be holding a proper release show June 17 at the Crofoot.

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