Sunday, April 17, 2011

Currently Listening: Isosceles Mountain

Local post-rock trio dabbles in dissonance and wrings out their tones in such a manner that flirts with a hazy/heady psychedelic scorch, but they mostly keep things down to a steadily shunted stomp on their recent EP. It's a bulky, bristling sound, it's shoulders seemed up and at the ready and it might be carrying a blunt tree trunk whittled into a club, or it might be some spectacularly imposing, angular space ship steadily rocketing forth and causing an eclipse... A steady roar, burning, bending and looming forth... But it's not as brooding as your usual "experimental-rock" outfits. Instead, it's undeniably radiating with a bit more warmth, aided by the reverb-soaked guitars and occasional surging/shimmying rhythms... and they're never confrontationally acerbic here (even if the spaced-out closing jam can start lulling one's into some lava-lamp-friendly undulation).

Their 2010 EP came out recently and you can get it for free -here. ...Then you can see them live - (info below)

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