Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"May Days" - Sounds coming Detroit's Way: Buke & Gass / Dead Rider / Timber Timbre

We can't judge books-by-their-covers anymore, -I should know better... In this overflowing assemblage of music -otherwise-known-as-the-Internet, MP3's and video clips await any diligent harvester willing to reach up and pick them...

Here's hoping you find something like Buke & Gass... and here's hoping you don't glimpse their latest album's cover art and conjecture that their either a screamo band or a Tool tribute band...not even close.

Freak-fuzzed acoustics, jabbing hooks and tribal drums veiled with the vibe of inverted baroque-pop ala Dirty Projectors, this experimental duo went so far as to invent their own Frankenstein-ish instruments in order to dispense their brand of stirring, stretchy indie-rock-frays. They play the Pike Room on May 11th... joining Prussia and tUnE-yArDs!



Find them on Brassland!

next-- For Detroit fans... I'd have to say that Dead Rider could come close to sounding like the potential prog-glossed, noise-shredded, guttural throat-clearing chimera that could only be forged by Zoos of Berlin forged with Child Bite... least that's what you'll glimpse on this single...

But there's more of a grimacing, hair-raising guitar screech leading the more stripped down strut and stumble of this next statement:

You can find out more about 'em on (formerly known as D. Rider) from Tizona Records. Their Raw Dents is out on May 3rd - and they visit Detroit's Bakery Loft on May 10th!



Any band that has origins in a cabin in the woods...let alone has had material recorded in a cabin in the woods... and, on top of that, is inspired by a cabin in the woods in Ontario... is likely going to make some provocative music. Timber Timbre ->

Take the eerie and poignant moments of Bon Iver's debut album and give it a much more gothic-twanged allure; trump it up with a spookier rumble; and wring it with a quirky, trilling vocal... and you'll get something like this:

Find them on the consummate experimental-pop label, Arts & Crafts. See them live, at the Pike Room, on May 19th.

Listen: Timber Timbre: "Creep on Creepin on"

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