Monday, January 2, 2012

Stop the World

One thing I learned in 2011... make sure to check out anything involving Eddie Logix...

Like this track:

a preview of the forthcoming album featuring Logix and Mobil Home - featuring Metasyons & Guilty Simpson and DJ Soko.
Woodbridge-based cassette-cultivating label GOLD TAPES is celebrating a full calendar year's worth of existence - with 12 proper releases (of eps and full lengths) from the Hard Lessons, to Kommie Kilpatrick to the non-Michigan southern-types like Useless Eaters.

And many of these modest spools of magnetic tape have already sold out - but that doesn't mean you can't get an entire zip folder sampling the band's burgeoning clientele (including Deadbeat Beat, Pizazz and more! my personal favorite "You Showed Me" by Mountain Time (a locally-brewed Byrds cover).

Dig it. - Gold Tapes Comp


And, by the way - we're having a pair of local bands play the Ferndale Public Library (per Kelly's "First Stop Friday" showcase) - featuring a newer group called SuperBomb and recently re-revved Old Empire! (watch a performance from this year's Blowout, featuring the latter - HERE).

Below, artwork by SuperBomb's Steve Gamburd (depicting Greg Aubry).

And, if it's still Tuesday, Jan 3rd -as you read this, then consider heading to the Loving Touch (in Ferndale,) to see Old Empire's Gabe Dodson spin records with the Pop Project's Dave Lawson.

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