Monday, January 23, 2012

Where Will We Be...

...dug out from beneath my car seat today... some kind of note, crumpled up, that I'd left for myself before heading out into Hamtramck on the last night of the 2011 Metro Times Blowout...

2/29/12 - 3/3/12

Metro Times Blowout's line up will be announced any day now...
Last year's looked a little bit like this:

In other news... billionaire "Optimist" Warren Buffett serenaded the Chinese media for that country's new year today... with a ukulele... The Republican Race to be the nominee for President keeps getting more topsy turvy... Brendan Benson's got a new song for you to hear...

But...this the Berkley Front:

Featuring a slew of psychedelic/noisy/mesmeric-melodious/avant-garde bands of the rock, ambient and overall-post-music variety...
like this:

Bands spread across two days in Berkley...Jan 28 + Jan 29
Windy and Carl
Indian Guides
Sunlight Ascending
St. Zita
Sea Turtle Restoration Project
Electric Lion Soundwave Experiment
Pewter Cub

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