Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just So You Know

I've heard a lot of things, but one morsel that I was never told
Is the apple of your eye will eventually mold...

And I find it kind of strange
That the writer and advice-giver are one in the same, but now I......

Mister's proven to be, in my tweaked eyes, one of the more singularly inspiring (and curiously unifying) artists in the metro/Michigan music community. Or, hey, I dunno, maybe things are all just pushing themselves forward organically? Something in the air or the water... Anyway, at lleast that was the idea behind his raps, his stage show, and his work with Passalacqua...breaking down the cliquey barriers of genres...

Whatever it is - I've felt a different energy these last two years since he turned some rock scene heads a couple Blowouts ago.

I excavated interview notes from a chat we had back in November-2010:

"...I think, ya know, not to get too far off, but,...I think it's interesting that there's this massive Detroit Rock scene and this massive Detroit Hip-Hop scene...and there's such a tiny overlap...or not much at all."

...What a difference 18 months makes? Now we've got Passalacqua mingling with the Ashleys... House Phone backing Cold Men Young... Sheefy McFly & the Delorean... and then Mister is going to be rapping over some Duende recordings soon.

His Just So You Know EP drops Tuesday -1-31-12
Backing up Mister's mid-low/midwest rumbled croon and word-splurged articulations are warm, woozy brass, swaying this way and that, with steady strutting beats, and the subtle spry charms of vibes chiming over whooshed/whizzled vinyl scratches. A mostly chill, characteristically introspective aesthetic...

Mister (a.k.a. Bryan Lackner) clears the vaults of raps he's been sitting on for a few years, now, via Just So You Know... Elegant post-bop jazz grooves, and dazzling/smooth piano pours are cut-up by more eccentric bytes like on "Relationship Blues" (with Elemental), where the cold, uncaring voice that tells you your heart-wrenching cell phone messages are deleted or you're jarred by raspy riled up dialogue-tracks from 90's slacker/indie films. 

Mister aims to take you out of the box, here and there, making sure you don't get too lost in the shuffling beats and unfolding the sleeve of his three-piece suit, little by little, to show you that initial heavy, contemplative heart that heaped him forward into his hip hop journey. 

More info from Dr. B productions

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