Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Blue Moon in June returns with Silverghost, Deastro and Mick Bassett & the Marthas and many MORE!!

Free Press keeps the Caid discussion alive

in the meantime, here's an inspiring quote from The Questions' Drew Bardo, who opined these poetic musings as we were heading into last year's inaugural Blue Moon In June festival:

This dilapidated jungle of concrete and industrial red-brick neon factory dust is extremely fertile territory for those with over active imaginations. To be a person born and raised here, there is a sense of gratitude for the laborious insights and cruel lessons this city has to offer. Without its violence, without its brutality, without its impurity, my poetry, my writing, has no balance of muse. That is why I feel it necessary to try and create a balance with the savage for the people of the community. We are really in control of the future perception of what our mystical times will bestow upon the generations of poor children who will have to clean up this human disaster. The least I can do is bring the creative souls, the historians, together for a cognizant brain storm of spirit cleansing."

This Saturday, Loco Gnosis brings Blue Moon In June 2, to the recently embattled (but now, more unified than ever) Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit.

8 hours of non-stop live described from my own field notes from last year:
This was it, this was something special, something magical that our generation could finally put its stamp on. Our own Monterrey Pop Fest, perhaps? Perhaps the spirit of free love, free music, free thinking, understanding and camaraderie, the spirit of the 60s…perhaps it was more alive in us that night than it was even forty years ago. We'd all been raised on those dreamy ideals, we'd been obsessed with them, studied them, listened to the music of them, and they've been fermenting inside each of us individually for all our lives. Put us all together for one night and you're bound to have the true, final and magnificent realization of those dreams. It was like seeing some sort of mythological creature finally escape from the woods and take its first steps among us. I was just glad to be there. Absolute insanity… …yet as quaint and relaxed as a Sunday barbecue.

The Line up:
5:00pm doors open
5:30pm out PINKEYE w/Drew Bardo
6:00pm in Satori Circus
6:20pm out Dutch Pink
7:00pm in Red China
7:40pm out Mick Basset & the Marthas
8:20pm in Stare Into The Sun
9:00pm out Wildcatting
9:40pm in Silverghost
10:20pm out DUENDE!
11:00pm in The Oscillating Fan Club
11:40pm in Woodman
12:10pm in Deastro
12:50pm in Satori Circus
1:10pm in Pinkeye

(poster: Robin Veresh)

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