Thursday, June 5, 2008

Marco Polio and the New Vaccines / The Ruiners

Just posting quickly before I head off to a day-job.

Two local bands I'm currently digging (that would be worth your while to check out at their myspace's) are the electro-shock-pop-spazz-dance (with a bit of ambient and human-beat-box) of Marco Polio and the New Vaccines, playing the Garden Bowl (under the Magic Stick) on June 12 as part of Detour's music fest. (check Dance with Nobility)

(photo by Miss N)

Then there's the imfamous, legendary, frightening, gloirous Ruiners! (Un Cutz interview coming up soon.) Check out their grooving, feedback heavy psyche-pop at the Fiberglass Freakout! At the Bohemian National Home, June 21st. (check: Bee Stung)

(photo by Amanda Zee)

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