Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fiberglass Freakout preview part 2: OBLISK

OBLISK - atmospheric space rockers have released their new full length, and join the line-up at the Fiberglass Freakout.

(photo by: Matt Iannuzzi)

Born from the dark and disaffected haunt-grooves of late 70’s/early 80’s post-punk, blended into the unhinged cloudy cerebral dissertations of late 60’s head jams, and stretched back again into late 80’s indie-noise scorched soul feedback; the sounds are insular and chilling, with an effecting intimation of propulsive longing – an endless search through the bleary and bewitching warp tunnels of an obliterating black hole – electro howls warble into subtle surf tone guitar reflections and coaxing 60’s drug-pop snake-charmer vocals and distinct percussions bearing unique takes that always facilitate the scene. Words like atmospheric, foggy, disorienting, hypnotic, shimmering and beautiful come to mind, a shunting, psychedelic sound.

The local quartet includes Asim Akhtar, Roy Elturk, Nick Baran and Kyle Babcock. Their debut full length, Tune In/Tune Out was recently released. Listen/learn.

The mesmeric sounds of Oblisk will be filling the stage at Fiberglass Freakout, at the Bohemian National Home, Saturday, 6/21, with sounds conjuring as much 13th Floor Elevators as it is My Bloody Valentine as it is Brian Jonestown Massacre as it is Joy Division.

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Terri said...

Nice write up.....I couldn't have said it better myself, but soon I will try! I can't wait to get my CD from them & put it into heavy rotation.