Monday, January 4, 2010

1 - 8 - Lager House - Matt Truman Ego Trip - the Drags - the Satin Peaches - DevilFish

I’m excited for this show’s potential for discovery. Now, I’ve rambled a bit already this year about the once-globe-trotting/prodigal-son-returns story of The Satin Peaches and their murky/dreamy atmospheric indie-rock style (recently releasing their Still Sour EP), and lately I’ve spat a few lines propping up the recently accelerated DevilFish trio – a balance of dark psychedelia and sunny surf grooves (recently releasing their debut LP). While I want you to just eat up DevilFish – I also want to draw attention to up-and-comers The Drags and, about 2 hours south of us, Bowling Green’s The Matt Truman Ego Trip (pictured).

The Drags formed only last April but seems to already have their shit together, with a pop-leaning style informed heavily by indie’s golden age, art-punk’s spindly riffs blended to a NY-flavored post-everything shred—invigorating, forthright, shimmering stuff (go listen to “Cruel” at The Matt Truman Ego Trip can give you that shoulder-shuddering forehead-slapping eureka moment of pure body-arresting rock dynamism – guitars that wave and twirl at 90mph, vocals that chop, bite and growl and drums that can spin your head off. It’s vigorous, it’s instigative and it regales fits of depravity – the kind of recipe that makes you fall in love with rock, again (“Industry Standard” at


Look for The Drags record to be out this coming Spring.

(Matt Truman Ego Trip--Pic by: Walter "Blackmac" McKeever)

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