Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kommie Kilpatrick

Not grandiose, not flamboyant, not-high-concept, but…real…, upfront, in the moment, identifiable, with emotions ranging from bored and antsy (“Outta Here”) to snotty brutishness (“2 Girls 2 Fuck”) to lovelorn (“Friday Night”) to financial woe (“I Need Dinner”) to good time self destructive bro-downs (“Friday Night” again) to distractive drugs (“Friday Night” again) to nihilistic and violent (suicidal?) tendencies (“Crash Your Car”). And hey, if you sift through the barebones beats and bladed guitar riffs, you can even find some faint fragments of a catchy pop thing (bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-“Bad News Beers”) or the actual space provided for smoother, driving rhythms on drum and bass and a solo-opportunity for a high clangy guitar (“Create of Habit”), clocking in as the longest entry at just over 95 seconds.

Kommie Kilpatrick, Detroit’s five-piece answer to gen-u-whine classic hardcore (be it Redondo/Long Beach or DC circa ’81) with their lecherous lash and elbow-winged slam-dance ready guitar onslaught, provide us 11 songs in 10 minutes, on “Weird City.” It’s emotion pared to the bone (“Stabbed Tonight”)…a seemingly ever-growling and spastic style that asks, in the true sense of hardcore punk, “you wanna know how I’m feeling?” and then answers by spitting a slurp of beer in your face, right before punching it.

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