Friday, January 1, 2010

The Year In: Interviews

I just wanted to say, thanks for reading! All of you! Thank you...

This is mostly out of boredom, but perhaps it will wind up being insightful(?) - but, one last top ten list for the year - top ten interviews -

Prussia - thoughts on digitally releasing music

Bill Callahan (Smog) - the psychology of lyrics

Spiral Stairs (Scott Kannenberg of Pavement) - on the development of songwriters

Computer Perfection - on finding identity, as a group, as songwriters

The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre - on their sordid blog legacy and juvenile scene politics

Heavy Trash - on the shared sensibilities of punk and rockabilly - and what it once meant to be "punk"

Skygreen Leopards - on the rewards, for listener and artist, found, when "arty" or "experimental" artists try out straight "pop" styles

Lightning Love - part 1 - and part 2 - on security with perceived identity, popularity's pressure, and the kinship of band mates

City Center - on encompassing the un-encompass-able, through music - through all means necessary/available

The High Strung - on abandoning comfort zones, self-doubt, band unity and embracing risk

(thanks again)

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