Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Woodbridge - One Year - 1 / 22

Woodbridge Records celebrates one full year of opeartions from the Big Grey Shack - having gathered together an eclectic trio as their main roster - from the epic and expansive, ornately-dressed indie rock of The Summer Pledge, to the aggressive, groove-laden, melodious swoon and shred of I, Crime, to the rousing, whirling anthemic pop and punk style of Noman (pictured - photo: Alyssa Mullen ) -
After more than 365 days - they've released: Noman's Broadcast (recorded with Steve Albini); I, Crime's Doveskin Gloves 7", The Summer Pledge's Recurring Dream 7" and their You are You LP. (The I, Crime full length is still in the works.)
Anyhow - you can see the Woodbridge family, and the humble hard working team that represents its forged releases, at the Magic Stick - on Jan 22nd - as they form the bill for the 1-year-birthday party.

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