Thursday, January 21, 2010

Marco at the Wab 1-28; Rogue Satellites at the Majestic Cafe - 2-12

I’ve often started my descriptions of drummer Scott Stone’s playing by having no recourse but to say, the man is like a machine! And I mean that in the most complimentary way – built with bricks, hands like a vice grip, elbows arched as the roots for the forearms and fingers to flail downward in pummeling devastation, heart and mind synched like a metronome. And one of the more enthusiastic and outgoing elements in the local scene.

It’s fitting then, I guess, that he drums for two bands that both respectively embrace the intermingling of sequenced drums and synth with a human drummer – making his job ever more intricate and often requiring him to don headphones and look like some studio session player amidst the live chaos. Both of these bands have shows coming up: the dark trancey noisy-experimental freak-electro-pop of
Marco Polio & The New Vaccines plays the Woodward Avenue Brewery in Ferndale (1 / 28) with Prussia, Hi Speed Dubbing and Designasaur

and the more indie-rock leaning, yet still heavily synth-pop fueled vigor of
The Rogue Satellites play the Majestic Café (2 / 12) with the ever-rousing Carjack and (Grand Rapids’) Mue Sephei.;


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