Monday, January 4, 2010

Bored Games - Vezina - 1 / 14 - Lager House

Happily unaware of the reach of this blog (thus nurturing a preferred down-playing), I'll at least venture that those reading have been out to a few local shows this year, and gotten a sampling of the hors d'oeuvres platter of bands here -

Well, what if locals like Lightning Love and New Grenada had a kid and made it listen to the Shangri-Las, Beatles and Black Lips? Well, if you're eyes are still in their sockets at the rolling my name-dropping likely induced, then take a listen (and pay a visit to see 'em live) to Bored Games, from Milwaukee, WI - who play the Lager House on 1/14 (Thursday) - with locals Vezina

The Bored Games quartet shuffle out jangly, fuzzy guitars and stomping drums - it comes off, deceptively, as playful, as any good late 50's pop flavored project should, but packs a shiv of biting, shove-you-back lyrics - yet delivered in such a sacarine and soothing tone (check out, "I Don't Care"). Guitars swing and shimmy, surfy, angular (see the aptly titled "Winter Blues") over percussion that's apt for simple toe-tapping head bobs, but could easily wind out of control into some basement-bound house party trounce. Between punk...or...pop...-who's to say - go see for yourself...if you find yourself...please forgive..."bored"...on a weeknight........

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