Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fangs and Twang

Metal bands sing about Viking lore while goth bands dabble in Witchcraft...

Why can't you get a country band singing about Vampires? Horror hoedowns, if you will? Or, maybe if the Munsters lived in Nasvhille?

Andy Benes (guitar, vocals), Billy LaLonde (drums, vocals) and Joe Bertoletti (bass) form Fangs and Twang

Ypsi trio Fangs and Twang whip a stripped down roots-rock blend of indie-kicks and swinging bluegrass with theatrical, croony lyrics that are half Monster-Mash cartoonery and half Mummies-esque retro-revivalism of B-movie horror tropes. For as fun as that formula is, it should be underlined that these three, who cut their teeth in the formidably forceful (and comparably genre-mutating) Black Jake & The Carnies, take their musicality as well as the performance, pitch and tone of those campy lyrics, quite seriously. But listen to the hearty backing harmonies of "Undead and Unwed" and how it leads into that snaky and nimble solo...

Head over to their bandcamp and try out "Part Time Vampire" for an example of fine folk-style storytelling twisted into midnight macabre world of Vincent Price...

Thursday, Jul 30 @ The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor: Fangs and Twang release their debut album, performing with Modern Lady FitnessLoose TeethViolin Monster
$8 (or $11 for under 21)
Doors: 9:30 pm

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