Monday, July 27, 2015

The Landmarks - "All For The Best" [Video]

You remember The Landmarks, right?

The Ypsi-based quintet is getting their fleet footing onto the rocketing board of a surfy kind of post-punk. They put out an EP last year and have been doing their darndest to get their guitars onto Detroit stages at a more regular click... In the meantime, they've been honing their craft, bolstering their chemistry and confidence and writing more songs. One of their newest, "All For The Best," was turned into this charismatic lo-fi music video, splashed with pixelated home-movie aesthetics. 

The charging riffs, the vibrant colors, the kicking beats, the grass-fringed playgrounds, the soaring vocals, the coasting skateboards, it pops, it bursts... It's an ideal summer anthem! Check 'em out. 

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