Friday, November 7, 2008

Detroit Unplugged - Lager House - brought to you by Five Three Dial Tone and Web Vomit

Deep Cutz by Jeff Milo photo by Kristin Schroeder

One full year of PJ’s management of the Lager House (sidenote: also, one year of Deep Cutz columns) and part of their birthday celebration features a refreshing, acoustic show put together by JRC from Five Three Dial Tone (.com). and Jasper from Webvomit (

Detroit Unplugged assembles Alicia & Matt (The Nice Device), John Nelson (New Grenada/Copper Thieves), Craig Brown (Terrible Twos/Mahonies), Dale & Jenna (Four Hour Friends) and also features Blair (Blair & The Boyfriends), an award-winning urban folk/afro-punk, singer/songwriter and national slam poetry champion whose work has been performed worldwide. More info:

Also, Zach Curd (Pop Project/Suburban Sprawl, brings his flavorful solo soul pop. “I know a lot of people say that they start solo projects to work on ideas that can’t fit into the strict, horrible and suffocating confines of their regular band,” said Curd, “but for me, it is something less finite and more of a continuation of the practice of songwriting and recording … probably because the Pop Project is as comfortable playing disco as it is playing country.”

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