Monday, November 10, 2008

Shows: Ladyhawk 11-17; The Acorn with Calexico 11-20; Wild Sweet Orange 11-21;

The Acorn

Woodsy, rhythmic, crisp - you can smell the burnt leaves and feel the hum of the passing pavement under the station wagon as the illuminating acoustic balad "Crooked Legs" rolls on..."watching the road with two young eyes to guide me..."

Crooked Legs - is the lead single from Ottawa Ontario based sextet The Acorn's Tin Fist EP (from 2006, now - recently released here in the states); the band recently won (or, was picked to be) the fill-in spot on tour with Calexico, after similarly angled Earthy-romantics the Bowerbirds had to...ahem, bow out, of the tour to take a much needed break. Equal parts syrupy golden goodness with a bit of stirring goth and characteristic chilly naturalistic vibes - what could else could you expect from Ottawa?

The band is still riding the waves of 07's Glory Hope Mountain LP as well as having just finished a tour with Akron/Family through the UK.

11 / 20 - Pike Room (Pontiac) with Calexico


Wild Sweet Orange

Birmingham Alabama-based quartet Wild Sweet Orange brings traditional folk and pop with a tender sunset viewing somberness and cloudy afternoon catharsis. Clanging, jangly guitars and bouncing bass and waving banjos and blurting harmonicas - southern boys showing their soft sides...and touring up through Michigan playing tunes from their latest We Have Cause To Be Uneasy...(which summed up my sentiments, certainly, of the last 8 years...but now, joyously, no longer.)

See the band 11 / 21, at the Pike Room with Margot and the Nuclear So and So's



More Canadians coming through...on their first visit to Detroit in support of the rough and blitzing Spring 08 release Shots, Vancouver's Ladyhawk has been understandably linked to some of the more fiery amp-exploding pummel-rock of Neil Young's darker mid-70's era as refracted through brief glimpses of druggy/slacker/folk from the 80's ala the Replacements. Frankly, it's hard to pin down, but it definitely has a growling, rousing energy to it.

They play the Magic Stick on Monday 11/17 - so hopefully we can get some of the home crowd out to support...


signing off for now....


Ladyhawk photo:Steven Bedard

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