Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Video: Child Bite - Barracuda Mouth

link: "Child Bite - Barracuda Mouth - (from Manny Malone)"

I'll let Child Bite intro the video:
"You may or may not know Dan, but he's a major part of the Child Bite family. He started out by being one of our touring dancers that would strip down to his whitey tighties during shows while wearing a giant eyeball mask & doing the crab walk for 25 minutes.Next he applied his animation/video skills to doing a music video for the "Broach for Two" remix (from the Exquisite Luxury EP).
Then he was the guy responsible for hundreds of illustrations that were drawn specifically for use on Fantastic Gusts of Blood's CD packaging, t-shirts, buttons, stickers, posters, etc.Dancer, Animator, Illustrator.Pretty impressive, but as of today he has a few new titles to add to the resume:
Pudding Eater, Pudding Flinger, Pudding Puker"

(Child Bite - Nov. 29th at St. Andrew's Hall)

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