Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Choose or Lose 2008 - Locksley at the Magic Stick 10 / 9

The power-pop revival we saw in the early 90’s meets the garage-revival we saw in the late 90’s, meets the indomitable Beatles-school-of-pop that we saw…well,... that’s never needed any kind of revival

…and Locksley’s sugary fuzz-rock and sunny harmonies and hand-clappable-hooks are a euphoric celebration of that unabashed embrace of Brit-pop.

The Brooklyn-based quartet is currently touring (not only in support of their recent release, Don’t Make Me Wait, on Feature Records) but also as part of MTV’s quad-annual Choose-Or-Lose Tour – to fight the good fight of mobilizing the citizenry to not only register—but to VOTE!

Locksley - “All Over Again”

“Why Can’t I Be You” live

The show is Thursday, October 9th at the Magic Stick and also serves to spread awareness of Veteran’s rights.

You can read more about the band and MTV’s political/community/activist Web site, “Think”


Or, the band’s site…

Register this week! Get your friends to register! Vote!


Coming Soon: The Deep Cutz - State of the Union

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