Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dirtbombs / The Choke / The Readies / Carjack / Magic Shop -- The Magic Stick! Summer Farewell

(photos: mike milo)

Great night at the Magic Stick...

I could see it in every one's half-squinted eyes, with euphoric and silghtly glazed auras - this was something close to a Summer's End party - which is precisely what Dally in the Alley has always served as - but with The Dirtbombs show last nite, the ceremonial slow wave to the steadily receding flock of summer birds over the ever-foggier horizons of an inevitable autumn with a salubrious amount of strong drink, loud music and well-spirited revelrie.

Magic Shop opened things up with their steady flare of garage-pop classicism

with a slightly scaled-back Carjack (if still with chair-climbing messes and an overall message of unabashedly flying the geek-freak-flag)

The Readies laid it down - with classic 60's blues and soul shaking solos....such a tight set - catch them live any chance you get -(-digging on his atire, one comrade remarked that he wasn't aware we'd get to see a bit of the old Danny Doll-Rod tonite....)

former band mates (of The Gories): Mick Collins of the Dirtbombs watches his old ally Dan Kroha

The Choke were a blitz of CBGB's style no-stops-in-betweeen punk and a theatrical, devestating stage presence. Check it out!

The Dirtbombs, to celebrate Troy Gregory's departure for more solo-recording projects and film, played a poignant and expectedly fiery...set.....I mean, it's the Dirtbombs! It's cliche to even recycle a rave review of their live show....even if they're spilling all over each other in string-breaking, outta-tune could still be graceful,...majestic! a way...


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