Monday, September 1, 2008

Dally in the Alley

Saturday: September 6th Dally in the Alley, music and art festival - located inside the square of alleys and driveways nestled between Hancock and Forest (north-and-south) and Second and Third (east-and-west) in Detroit.

It features 4 stages of Music, a Kid's fair, a food court and an Art Gallery. Admission is free! The event goes from 12noon - 12midnight, Saturday, (with a just-in-case rain day on Sept. 7th)

Featured in this week's Deep Cutz are the sometimes embattled, always endearing, dance-bliss-blitz of Champions of Breakfast, who are headlining the Alley Stage!

Deep Cutz (Champions of Breakfast)

"Come on and face your doom – in this rock-bar-kingdom, come on!"

So came the words from the cherubic pair of peasants in their glittery garbs and offensively tight leggings, their swords fashioned mockingly out of sap-dipped hay and their shields mere chunks of old drawbridge scrap, with “shield” written upon them in old elvish.

Like Vikings fighting their way through Tron, Cyrano de Bergerac rocking out to The Final Countdown, or simply, the most ridiculously enjoyable live presentation you could fathom...

Somewhere, staring into the sparkly backgrounds of your unicorn trapper keeper, scratching the poorly advised goatee that’s stained with the cheese from the megamall’s pizzeria/arcade where you drive your broken Volvo to valiantly maneuver asteroids and space invaders while rocking electronic-technotronic masterpieces on your Toshiba stereo-“walky” and daydreaming the romance of fair maidens trapped behind the rental counter at the roller rink, yes, somewhere in there, is Champions of Breakfast.

Galvanizing electronic/Nintendo/dance classicism, whilst stingingly indicting the stark falsity of misperceived “real” pop music, the duo play the Alley Stage at this year's Dally. one of the many stages at this year’s Dally in the Alley.

With the passing of summer, comes the ceremonially Dally in the Alley – yes, it’s time once again to tranquilly traipse through the gravely driveways between Forest and Hancock under orange glare streetlights and some casually bohemian masquerade vibe, with food, drink and loud beautiful rock, jazz and world music - Continuing the hallowed tradition of communal celebration of art, craft and music that dates back to the late 70’s.

the Schedule:

THE FOREST STAGE (Rock, Experimental, Hip/Hop)
12:00 pm Jstokes
1:00 pm Jarrod Champion Sleeps Till Dusk
2:00 pm Malik Alston and the Linwood Ensemble
3:00 pm Inohs Sivad
4:00 pm EchoVerse
5:00 pm Asylum 7, Magestik Legend, Octane and Illite
6:00 pm Blair and the Boyfriends
7:00 pm Pathe Jassi World Music Experience
8:00 pm The Regiment
9:00 pm Enemy Squad
10:00 pm Slum Village, Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat, Fat Ray, Marvwon , Danny Brown, Nick Speed

THE GARDEN STAGE (Indie-pop/Post-rock/Prog-Rock/Experimental)
12:00 pm Bricktown Station
1:00 pm Sunlight Ascending
2:00 pm Alan Scheurman
3:00 pm Lightning Love
4:00 pm Tone and Niche
5:00 pm Four Hour Friends
6:00 pm The Summer Pledge
7:00 pm Satori Circus
8:00 pm Vox Maui
9:00 pm The Hadituptoheres
10:00 pm Wildcatting

(Vox Maui)

THE ALLEY STAGE (Pop/Electronic/Dance/Indie-rock)

12:00 pm Manna and Quail
1:00 pm The Word Play
2:00 pm Our Brother the Megazord
3:00 pm Phredley
4:00 pm Jaime Register and the Glendales
5:00 pm Almost Free
7:00 pm El Gato Legato
8:00 pm 800Beloved
9:00 pm The Nice Device
10:00 pm K-9
11:00 pm Champions of Breakfast


(Nice Device)

THE URBAN ELECTRONIC STAGE (Electronic/Ambient/Hip/Hop)
12:00 pm Tour Detroit: Joe Vargas, Steven Robert, Erno the Inferno
2:00 pm People Mover Productions: Anco Tozy *live*
3:15 pm Women on Wax: Dj Minx, Jennifer Xerri, Diviniti
4:15 pm Suburban Trash: The Flashbulb *live*
5:15 pm Records: Dj Omega, Dj Godfather
6:15 pm Beatdownsounds: Mike Clark, Delano Smith, Norm Talley
7:45 pm D-Records: Reference *live*
8:45 pm Hijacked Records: Twonz *live*
10:00 pm Spectral Sound: James T. Cotton, Osborne, Ryan Elliot

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