Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CAVE Reminder - 6/20 - Old Miami

This is Cave.

They made one of my favorite recordings of the year...not just the entirety of their 12" (Pure Moods on Drag City), but the magical "Teenager" and all it's 7-minutes of glory: sensational/nonchalant ballad of climbing drums, wavy over-caffeinated riffs, UFO exhaust splays and monotone-to-bawled out vocals.

Fervent drives; all kinds of coalescing craziness and in fact captivating teased out noise and ever-present grooves - plug in whatever you want from their early write-ups, if it's their post-punk DEVO thing or their Faust-ian krautrock outer-limits caution to the wind opuses - whatever gets you.....'cuz they're coming to town and it's not the hipster Stick, or the BBQ-bolstered Lager House - it's The Old Miami. (with Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat)

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