Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the Undertone - "20,000 Leagues into the Deep Cutz"

Freshtight Designs is an online-based community/outlet for artists - providing them altogether a platform, a networking highway to fellow contemporaries, up-and-comers and adivce from professionals, and just a blushing of encouragement and support. Read more (and post/explore/connect) HERE.

The arts collective has joined with the Pike Room (/upstairs from the Crofoot ballroom in Pontiac) to host a monthly (first Saturdays) hip/hop night, spotlighting said community's "most influential voices, minds and styles."

And it runs the gammut: DJs, Emcees, Breakdancers, Graffiti writers, Poets -

This Saturday (June 5) features: Planet Asia, M-Eighty, Magnum Opus, Sicari, Matt G and the Ypsi Funk Dwellers - and - The Love Construct.

The latter mentioned is a duo featuring rappers known as PH and Andrew "Paranoid" Remdenok...or, otherwise, the manager of the Crofoot, a one Mr. Phreddy Wischusen (pictured)...and the bassist/back-vocalist for Prussia. "The Love Construct," said Phreddy, "is a new way to perform poetry in the post-poetic world!"

This is a great opportunity to widen your perspective beyond the usual indie/garage/blues/psyche/-whatever that DC directs you to and sample some fine displays of hip/hop, rap, freestyle and booming beats from locals as well as (Fresno's) Planet Asia. It should be, as Phreddy put it, "An exploration of all expressions in hip hop; a collaboration between Freshtight designs and the Crofoot to showcase positivity and skill in the medium."

It is also a chance to hear Phreddy's rendition of "20,000 Leagues into the Deep Cutz" - where the big ball of sunshine himself will freestyle a rap with lyrics stricken almost entirely (if not completely) from words, sentences, thoughts and rambled reviews/reflections written by myself - anything is fair game...from this site or from the old RD column.
So, without my knowing it, I have supplemented the lyrics to a handful of potential hip/hop track.

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