Thursday, June 24, 2010

Monday is only a word; Ben Luckett only turns 74 once

I first noticed Luckett's impressive drum work back in 07 - when he played in a Timmy Vulgar project known as Reptile Forcefield. It wasn't long after that before Dan Kroha enlisted his skills for his bluesy power trio The Readies. And, then, not long after that until Marcie and Deleando, of Silverghost, experimented with him as their summer's-long human to supplant their "drum machine" on rhythms (through 2009).

One thing lead to another - and now he's a member of the assiduous Hounds Below project, with Molly Jean Schoen, Ben Collins and Jason Stollsteimer....and a, last-I-checked, revolving cast of auxiliary keyboardists...and sometimes some brass.

(There's Ben, in the middle, in the back - by the aforementioned drums).

Anyway, his birthday is monday night (6/28) and the Hounds are assembling for an ambitious and good hearted late evening's rock show at PJs Lager House.

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