Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Things of Note

Splattering rattling off...

Friday June 4: Experience two new things...specifically, two new Ypsilanti things: aurually, you can hear the premier of that town's latest rock 'n' roll power trio - Ola Ray - paired with (Hallway's) Jeffrey Freer, the Wolfs and Derby Mama - and then, subsequently, experience the edifice/venue known as Savoy('s), which...I don't know bout you...but, I haven't been yet - so maybe it's your first time, (too).(?)

Saturday June 5: Jeffrey's brother, Jeremy, leads a set from the newly personnel-fluctuated baroque-pop (quintet), the Juliets (with a new bassist and drummer), still supporting their recent full-length (here's a review). They're joined, at the Majestic Cafe - by Sh! The Octopus and the delightfully named Ornery Little Darlings.

That same night, however... if you'd rather enjoy a more spilled out, decadently stylized art-space experience, for free (whilst still likely having to supply your own pocketed poisons for preferred inebriation), you can jump and sway to Blase Splee at the mystical Sparklewood. (June 5)

But then, since this is a splattered, rattled post...I could wind your direction away from Saturday, and talk about that I might note that His Name Is Alive's renowned experimental/atomsphereic auteur Warren Defever will join Aran Ruth and Quail for a dependably head-swimming swirl of psyche, folk and bent-out pop - at The Park Bar in downtown.

Where was I going with all of this? I'm not sure. Just don't complain that there's nothing to do this weekend.

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