Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sunday - Legendary Creatres - Lac La Belle - AJ&DZ

Sunday night at the Loving Touch - take in the soothing soulful folk of Legendary Creatures (lovely lulling boy-girl harmonies, softly blown over country-tinged elements from organ to ukulele) - but able to indulge in a bit of atmospheric-indie rock via intricate instrumentation from a sunny surf guitar to shuffling minimalist rhythms.

Now that we're all conjuring some Blanch-y type flavors - I could also nod to the more Appalachian-twanged traditionalists of folk, Lac La Belle - who will join the LT--in Ferndale.

Allan James (of indie rockers The Cold Wave) and Daniel Zott (of beat-lead space poppers Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr) will join forces for a set, as well.

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