Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Golden Filter - 6/11 - Majestic Cafe

Things to hear, watch, and then go experience:

The Golden Filter - "Hide Me" - this minimalist electro-dance-pop duo from NY is gaining steam as they work towards the release of Voluspa which sounds either like some longlost Greek Goddess or an Eastern European compact vehicle from 1989 - but it is, at least if the internet is to be believed, an ancient poem foretelling the end of the world.

Ballads for darkened rooms, tingly adrenaline rushes and dreamy synth twinkled dazes - The Golden Filter could be the sweeter sugar to follow the gulp of maybe a bitter, strident Cold Cave - there's is, despite the apocalyptic album title, a more naive, freer, fuzzy grin and hustle, (perhaps supplemented by the effectively wispy/ethereal lead vocals) but still nicely chilled with the computery blip and bop.


The Golden Filter - "Solid Gold" from The Golden Filter on Vimeo.

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