Saturday, June 5, 2010

I, Crime - 6/11 - The Old Miami

When fixations upon nuanced categorization or trend-lassoing labels grows into some lurching, deformed, burly and boiled, scaley city-devouring beast... it is up to bands like I, Crime to come along - like some sort of proper device be it a laser sword, proton torpedoes or maybe the Glave, and slice, dice and puncture all this overblown ballyhoo by bringing their achingly earnest, seemingly straight-and-simple rhythm-based, harmony-induced, guitar-glory.

- A firm flying no -bones-bout-it fist punching the greyish and coarse organs of gaunt rickety post-punk and splattering it all around a wider stylistic panorama - never tarrying too long in the gutteral and dark metal area or the freewheeling swagger of rockabilly or the bristly poignancy of blues - and yet confidently and gracefully extending themselves equally to all these corners...but never to the point where you'd want to say... "Oh, I, Crime? They're this __-band. If you like ___ or ___, or maybe you like ___'s last record, but not ___'s second record, then, yeah, you'll probably like I, Crime."

And I usually rattle off similar spiels every time I have occassion to write about I think it's officially a truism.

And, ...again, I have occasion to write about them...

Because, after their debut Get The Knife EP and 2008's 7"-single Dove Skin Gloves, this refined rock quartet is releasing their first proper full length: Spread Like Water/Block The Sun on Woodbridge Records.

The performance-laden celebration for said-release happens June 11th - at The Old Miami - with the Oscillating Fan Club and Computer Perfection.

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