Friday, June 25, 2010

Here's The Tender Coming (7/6)

And that album title's Macbethian-ring could suffice enough to give the proper theatrical heralding for the Tuesday night Ann Arbor appearance of way-northern England's sibling indie-folk songstresses... Rachel and Becky Unthank(s) -

They seem veritably held infallable by the whole Euro/UK realm of listeners, be they regular mouse clickers just like you or be they Steve Reich's and/or Radioheads just like the esoterics that SPIN and NPR assure that you behold. So - why not say hello - since they're coming across the pond to play for you. Their's is an austere, fable flown artsy pop, of bonny lads and fisher's windblown journeys and too-quickly-fallen widowers. Their third LP ("Tender Coming"^) came out this spring on Rough Trade.




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