Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sounds of the Cold Wave - 6/26 - Majestic Cafe

The Cold Wave have a new album - in fact, it's their first official batch of recordings made available to ours, and the worlds, ears - facilitated by Gangplank records and the recording oversight of Dave Feeney.

This ^ is what the album cover is going to look like - and you can hold it in your hands as you stand at the edge of their merch table, when you enter the Majestic Cafe on Saturday (6/26).
This band's been plugging away for a while - starting out a few years back as the poignant pourings of indie-rock singer/songwriter ballads of Allan James, then evolving into the fuller roar of a power trio of sorts (but still not shying away from the slow stuff). Then, they thickened their guitar heavy 90's pop lovin' emotive rock sound even further with a second guitar at the end of last summer.
Take a listen here.
And see them, 6/26 - paired with: Javelins - and - Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr.

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