Monday, July 21, 2008

The Displays - Ain't Gonna Put Us Down

The Displays – Ain't Gonna Put Us Down

Highly versed in the school of classic Detroit rock and the city's latter-day garage glory, bassist/singer Andrew Hecker, with drummer Josh Cohen (and help on-record from Sights guitarist/singer Eddie Baranek and the board skills of Jim Diamond) has formed a fast, high-flying parcel of hard-hitting swinging grit, wavy guitar hooks delivered in that golden gut-punch-feedback style with insuppressibly swing-able rhythms and a surprisingly soulful, confident gravely howl coming from Hecker's 16-year-old frame.

The scope is ambitious, drawing as much from mid-60's spilled-out-spastic garage to 70's blues to 90's classic rock revival; the whirled rollickin swagger never slows down, complimented with Baranek's characteristic devastating solos. A commendable debut full-length -

and you can check out the CD Release show, for free, at the Garden Bowl with Smashed Windows and Woodman. More info here.

And, you can preview some tracks here

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