Sunday, July 20, 2008

Don Was (Detroit Revue)...and, Deep Cutz Update (thanks for reading!)

There he was, slightly hunched with his idyllic smile and characteristic brimmed hat and sunglasses adorning his untamed black dreadlocks, raising his fist in the air with Mick Collins to his left and Mitch Ryder to his right and declaring, matter-of-factly, undeniably, “Detroit Rules.”

A musical icon for Detroit music over the last 40 years, Don Was, was invited to bring the flavorful vanguard of his Web site / recording project, My Damn Channel, to the stage of the Fisher Music Center’s orchestra hall, last night, to help close out the Concert of Colors.

It was simply a magical, blessed night, with an overwhelming revue of the brimming talent of the town, both old and new – with musicians from Was (Not Was) working back-up for many of the performers – featuring The Muldoons, Mick Collins, The Ramrods, The Detroit Cobras, Black Bottom Collective, Mitch Ryder, John Sinclair, The Sisters Lucas and many more!

The ever-getting-taller Muldoons boys teased by bookend-ing their rendition of Chubby Bunny with snippets of Pink Floyd’s Interstellar Overdrive; Mick Collins performed solo with Was (Not Was) backing him up, as did the Sisters Lucas. Mich Ryder closed out the night with an unconventional and endearing cover of “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?”

With great energy in the room, the assembled artisans of past and present made it clear that this cities luminously pulsating talent is something to be celebrated. That Don Was, Ryder and Sinclair are still here must say something about the eccentric transfixing energy of the city and it’s noodling, esoteric troubadours. Next time, let’s make it a 4 hour affair – invite Kim Fowley, The Go, The Up, maybe Alice Cooper?

I wish I had photos, but they were strict about cameras going in…
In the meantime, you can look forward to more mostly-Detroit-centric postings here at Deep Cutz – coming up soon: an intriguing interview with Josh from the Silent Years about time, the world, black holes and strong coffee…that, and a Javelins album review, a Prussia album review (hopefully a Prussia interview) and…probably Tilly and the Wall.

Stay tuned

And thanks so much for reading!!

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