Sunday, August 24, 2008

Any Given Night...(Jacoby's, Summer Smash, The Great Fiction)

So, here is another in what's becoming a line of weekend-photo-round ups, documenting some of the latest shows of local talent and to highlight their upcoming performances.

Carjack worked out the kinks at Jacoby's, after taking July and August off to record and further develop his other project, The Electric Fire Babies.

On Friday, he played with Ypsi/Ann Arbor power-duo Charlie Slick and Lightning Love, two distinct and vibrant bands currently flourishing out in that westward scene. Mary Alice, from Troy Greogry and the Stepsisters also presented her awesome menagerie puppet show.

(Charlie Slick)
Upcoming shows:
Carjack - September 5th, in the Garden Bowl, in-between sets at the Dirtbombs show.

Charlie Slick - also September 5th, but further north, in Pontiac, for Phonotropic Fridaze!

Lightning Love - September 11th, playing with Farewell Republic for their CD Release show at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor.

(some of the newest art at the CAID)

Then it was another dreamy evening at the CAID where a casual explosion of talent nonchelantly discharged throughout the cozy walls of the performance space and outside under the starry (and slightly rainy) summer skies - as part of the Detroit Summer Smash - a grand and vital tradition that took the year off last year - but came back to the CAID for three invigorating evenings of music and overall amity - featuring bands like Oblisk, The Beggars, Elle & The Fonts and more!
The night itself was, as nights at the CAID often are, an indescribable slice of bliss, filled with giddy glories of companionship and celebration of musical expression...and some trash-can showers as well.
The CAID, more than any other venue in this city, has a certain kind of hospitality and spilled-out benevolence. There is no division between band or, it feels more like we've all made an escape to this rectangular haven and it's grassy/sandy back lot; more like a party than "a show" or "concert," with some of its attendees just happening to amble up onto make-shift stages to play a bit of music, out of passion and and for fun.

[[And, being here meant that I would sadly miss the Great Fiction CD Release party at the Magic Bag. But check them out here! and look for their upcoming shows]]

Meanwhile, Ryan Spencer from Prussia played percussion while riding atop the shoulders of a friend - while Andrew from Prussia and Frank from Woodman entered as guest drummers for The Electric Fire Babies. Prussia, having just toured for 7 days straight, some of them living off of "sugar and beer" were as potent as ever...Ohtis floored us with their quirky folk and neo-space-country running acoustic jams...Electric Fire Babies exploded out the gates and took no prisoners, continuing their sweet blend of electronica, funk and old-school house that really put a spark of energy into the crowd. Goudron was fascinating...the Dead Bodies were tight, as always...The High Strung are THE consummate professional band, and seem to always--ALWAYS be on tour...and Silverghost closed out the weekend with songs from their latest 7", including a new song, my current favorite, "Face-Heart."
Thank you Summer Smash! See you next year
Photos (by the milos)
Captured here, top to bottom are: prussia


(Laura) said...

Thanks for the Summer Smash props, and thanks for coming! I can't wait to not feel exhausted anymore, but it was worth it. :)

TMM said...

who is goudron?