Thursday, August 28, 2008

Festival Cluster-F*ck (+ Shadiamond Le Freedom)

Labor Day Weekend...

Chryster Arts Beats and Eats

The Hamtramck Polish Festival

The Detroit International Jazz Festival

in terms of Arts Beats and Eats coverage...

Here's a fine article on a DC favorite, Millions of Brazilians, from Martin Bandyke in the Detroit Free Press. - see them tomorrow (Friday) night at the Crofoot in Pontiac.

Also, you can read Scott Bolohan's write up on the Hard Lessons, who also join the MoBz tomorrow.

There's also a ramble in Deep Cutz this week--addressing a bit of the AB&E...but also the Hamtramck Polish Festival....................

Deep Cutz - 8 / 27

With the Hamtramck Polish Festival coming up, it gives me the chance to expound the sounds of a band I've been fascinated with throughout 2008 – local quartet, Shadiamond Le Freedom (pictured) ( – since they're playing over the city's weekend event, on Monday, at 4:30 p.m. Experimental, freeform, noise-percolating rock, hard and volatile percussion like the rolling tank treads for the spinning loaded turret of guitar-scraping feedback fury (listen: "Pandemic"), or, at times, confrontationally abrasive or caustic or amorphous, with roaring reverb slides into darker spaces ("The Spice"), but also just as apt to capture a more palatable coarsely-hooked indie-rock (albeit vocals all fuzz-fucked with shoegaze syrup, ironically with a refrain of "…can't understand what you say…") Get to Hamtramck early…

If you go 20 miles north, up to Pontiac, there's another city-wide event, The Arts Beats and Eats, going on all weekend. On Saturday you can see Universal Temple of Divine Power at 9:30 p.m.; or Sunday, spend the whole day at the Detroit News Stage: The Questions, Love Meets Lust and Dutch Pink. Or, Friday, catch Zoos of Berlin at the Crofoot (Phonotropic) with DJ's Mikel O.D., Thomas Matich and more. And—also, get ready for the Dally in the Alley on the horizon.

AB&E line up:
Jazz Fest line up:
Polish Fest line up:
Dally Line up!

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