Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Friday - Crofoot - free Suckers, three DJs

So, this Friday - the Hard Lessons are playing the Crofoot - to kick off the fun insanity of labor day weekend, particularly - Pontiac's Arts Beats and Eats - included in the line up on Friday's bill are Prussia, Millions of Brazilians, Our Brother The Megazord (Randolph Chabot's other even-dancier, sunnier, often even-poppier project..., next to Deastro), and Zoos of Berlin!
more info here ...or, check out the band's links for sampled sounds!

Starting at 9pm on the patio (as part of Phonotropic), providing ambiance in the form of electro/pop/dance/new-wave/some-punk and some-indie, will be the Sucker DJ's - featuring Mikel O.D. from the aptly titled podcast Most People Are DJ's and Thomas Matich, who you'll remember from Real Detroit, or from here...or here.

DJ Ice Cold Chrissy takes over around midnight!

It's only $5 dollars for the whole night - but I hear a lot of the bands are offering spots on their exorbitantly spacious guest lists.

Have a good weekend everybody...(man, it's only Tuesday...?)



Back with more reviews and interviews soon:
The Walkmen, TalkDemonic, Au Revoir Borealis

and news on the next Sucker DJs show.

Mike came up with the name...
go listen to his podcast!

and thanks for reading!

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