Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Carjack for President: returning this weekend, 8/22 at Jacoby's; 8/23 at Summer Smash (with Electric Fire Babies)

So, the incomparable Carjack has been laying relatively low throughout the summer (except for a particularly spirited romp through the Old Bohemian in June) - but now he's resurfacing, "jumping back into the fray" just in time - not only to present some of the new material he's been writing and recording throughout the dog days of July and August, but also, hopefully, to announce his candidacy for the 2008 election - running under the Plutonian ticket, more than likely...

Carjack returns this Friday with a splendid Jacoby's line-up: buzz-brewing indie-pop trio Lightning Love; and the time-machine-toting, walking-dance-party, Charlie Slick (who just released a new album, Edward Murphy.)

The next day (8/23) - he joins Justin Audio and Miss N. for his other more dance-ready cosmo-booty-shaking-freak-funk project, The Electric Fire Babies, as apart of the Detroit Summer Smash at the CAID.

(Also, look for our brave candidate to be stomipng and jumping around up and down the rickety tables and Pacman acrades of the Garden Bowl bar, during the upcoming Dirtbombs show at the Magic Stick.)

As a quick reminder - here's the line-up for the Summer Smash

Thursday August 21st, $5 or $16 for festival pass
9pm- Bird Gang
10pm- 4 hour Friends
11pm- Friendly Foes
Friday August 22nd, $8
9pm- Sons of the Gun
10pm- Hotness
11pm- Beggars
12am- Oblisk
12:30am- DJ Afterglow
Saturday August 23rd, $8 for full-day Saturday pass
2pm- Whistling School for Boys
3pm – OHTIS
4pm- Elle & The Fonts
5pm- Always 17
6pm- dinner break!!!
7pm- Prussia
8pm- Electric Fire Babies
9pm- Goudron
10pm- Dead Bodies
11pm- The High Strung
12am- Silverghost

links: http://www.myspace.com/carjackband

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