Friday, August 1, 2008

Empty Orchestra - 8/6 at the Majestic Theatre, Detroit

From Flint, MI--

Empty Orchestra is anindie, alt-country rock group, consisting of upwards of 6-9 members, including lead singer/songwriter Stephen Wisniewski (vocals, guitars, bass, harmonica)- with Jeff Buffmyer (drums, vocals), John Duffy (guitar), Mark Michalik (drums, vocals), Vince Moreno (guitar), Chris Thibodeau (bass, vocals), Brandon Trammell (keys, vocals), Michelle Lukezic (bass, vocals), and Nick Meyberry (bass). They're torchbearers of the rough edge urban folk of Billy Bragg, or the smoky idiosyncratic poet-blues of Tom Waits and a revival of classic 70's singer/songwriter balladry--only amped up with a squadron of talented musicians bringing a fire to even the slower tunes.

(Jeff Pianki, Brenten Kelly)

The bracing jangled acoustic guitars hit fast over these bobbing beats and the sound overflows with a syrupy warmth that makes you squint into the sunset as your relentless, scuffed up station wagon rolls further on down the immutable highway. The distinct sound of classic American R&B, that meloncholic escapism, that near-bluesy visceral howl and that near-country twang, combined with a distinct whirlwind alt-rock urgency, beautiful intertwining guitars, be it the strummed acoustic, the steady rhythm or the more exertive lead, with its solos and pedal roars.

And this invigorating live band will be coming to town this Wednesday, playing the Majestic Theatre with Lucero, Justin Townes Earle, and Glossary.

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