Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Debates Tonight - a new candidate arises (10-10 in Rochester)

It feels like most of us have our minds made up...but the town-hall style debates tonight (9pm, on any major network) will primarily aim for the Undecided...which is anywhere from 10-18%, depending on which of the many sources you scour on the internet...

It could get ugly from the Right...

And, keeping up with the financial crisis--are we watching light leave the eyes of American capitalism?

Anyhow...this isn't an official Politi-Cutz--rant...

But, when you're watching tonight - keep in mind how much space there is on that stage...room enough for a third candidate? ("“the people can change anything they want – corporations are not mentioned in the constitution…”)

or a Fourth Candidate?

in the meantime...
The Factory is on Rochester Road/Main Street...between 3rd and 4th street...you can see Carjack do his own stump speech campaigning their, along with Aleph-1 and My Dear Disco


dipping again, briefly back into politi-cutz...
where is the outrage??


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