Sunday, October 26, 2008

Onwards to Halloween: Von Bondies, Army Navy, Takeover UK, The Shys -- Child Bite, Wildcatting, Javelins & Prussia -- Pop Project -- Sucker DJs

What special powers do you have --to help fight the insanity?

Pictures! Noises! Music! Screams! Horror! Dancing! Alcohol! Costumes! More Pictures!!!


Autumn's at it's pique...and the spotty suburban canopies are awash with oranges and browns...The Crofoot is throwing one of their (now, characteristic) facility-spanning sensory overload celebrations, one last big booming rock show before the frost starts coming in and we sharpen our knives for turkies not long for this world.

The re-energized Von Bondies, having survived a gigantic radio hit, the shit storm of the music biz and a line up rehaul, will headline the Crofoot ballroom with the shimmery pop-rock LA quartet Army Navy (one of many bands featured on Nick & Norah's Infiite Playlist soundtrack) as part of their continuing tour with Takeover UK and The Shys...

Meanwhile, upstairs in the Pike Room, things gets a bit more spirited for this spooky freak-flag holiday. - Donning disguises as other bands (including covernig their songs), locals Wildcattnig (who...will be performing as either T.Rex or MC5...I get conflicting reports...but, hey this is a blog and it's Sunday, so I'll do my fact checking later on...) Javlins will become the Strokes, and Prussia will become the Smiths...and then there's a fourth band that's still being saved as a surprise...

While downstairs in the lounge, you can check out the Pop Project - as well as dance to the Sucker DJs...


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