Saturday, October 4, 2008

Music News - tours coming through Detroit: BALTIMORE ROUND ROBIN + SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS w/SEX GHOST+Sucker DJs

A fun and feverish October lies ahead for Detroit...


This weekend, October 8th and 9th, at the MOCAD - (Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit) will host the substantially varying and crazy cast of south-by-southeast born musicians out of the fruitfully freak-friendly Baltimore scene, which includes the indomitable Dan Deacon, the dreamy Beach House and the intriguing Video Hippos...
as well as The Death Set, Jana Hunter, Adventure, Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, WZT Hearts, Nautical Almanac...
The Dan Deacon-curated tour is known as the Baltimore Round Robin, where bands set up along the premiter of the venue/space, boxing the audience in like walls of a fort and commencing to go-round-the-room, band-by-band, one song each, until the show is done...with no headliner and no front, back left or right sides...

Stopping twice in each city - the first night (Eyes Night) is dedicated to more atmospheric, cerebral folk-type stuff, which features

beach house
ed schrader
jana hunter
lesser gonzalez alvarez
lexie mountain boys
nautical almanac
santa dads
teeth mountain
wzt hearts

The second night, (Feet Night) features the more jump-up-kick-out-wiggle-and-rock dance vibes, with

blood baby
dan deacon
the deathset
dj dog dick
double dagger
future islands
lizz king
nuclear power pants
video hippos

One tour, 20+ bands, 60+ people - lots of enthusiasm, lots of fun... info

ALSO---Check out MOCAD photos, courtesy of Riaz K, of the strange and spectacular Carjack show, from a couple weeks back...where a 14-foot-tall, 20-foot-long orange tabby cat came parading into the venue mid-set to cause chaos with a cadre of mice.


SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS October 17th - Pike Room

One of my new favorite bands...School of Seven Bells was started by guitarist Ben Curtis (from Secret Machines) and pairs his dreamy-lulls and charged buzz pop with twin sister singers Claudia and Alejandra Deheza (from On! Air! Library), sweet sirens with enchanting vocal harmonies that fly and thicken and sway and just seem to carry you away - over beautifully drone-pop-informed fuzz-charms leaning toward wall of sound aspirations but kept modest with lab top beats and measured guitar waves...

check out
"Connjur" and "Chain"
from their debut full length Alpinisms (and check out the Ghostly International Artists page)

(photo: Elle Muliarchyk)

Their visit to the Pike Room in Pontiac is the start of a fateful tour which sees them later meeting up with Black Moth Super Rainbow and M83 - but, the treat for that we get to see them with local favorites - such as the consummate dance/punk trio Javelins, the ever transforming electro-pop of Deastro and the stalwart shoegaze of 800Beloved.

ALSO...if you head downstairs from the Pike Room to Vernor's Subterranean Lounge, you'll find the "Evil Dead meets Thriller" grimy sultry noisy dance pop of locals Sex Ghost - along with the stupdendous and affable Sucker DJs providing the soundtrack for the evening - as part of Phonotropic Phridaze.



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