Thursday, October 16, 2008

Friday Night at the Crofoot (Sucker DJ's with Sex Ghost) in Vernor's Subterranean Lounge

Friday night at the Crofoot...

...the eclectic dance-pop preferences of the Sucker DJ trio p
reside over Phonotropic (at the Crofoot in Pontiac) with a performance from locals Sex Ghost (a minimalist electro-dance-spook-pop duo spread between Detroit and Lansing), described aptly by Sucker DJ Thomas Matich: “like watching The Evil Dead if they tried to make it the "Thriller" video … in the Cass Corridor.”


To sample Sex Ghost - check here:


Also going on at the Crofoot tomorrow, up in the Pike Room:


what the fuck is gonig on here???

vote for change.

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The Queen of the Blogosphere and Pizza said...

McCain is actually totally gay for Obama.


Invisible Heimlich (I read that someone on the internetz and lol'd)