Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DEVO / Cramps / Modern Lovers and more at PJs (10/23) - Beggars and Carjack join a book club (10/24)

10 / 23 - PJ's 2nd Anniversary behind the counter at the Lager House (in Corktown)
from Lager HQ: ....
"...Detroiters from bands like Body Holographic, Boogaloosa Prayer, Charlie Slick, Danjee Flesh Nation, The Decks, The Hentchmen, Heroes & Villains, The Johnny Ill Band, Kommie Kilpatrick, Lee Marvin Computer Arm, Silverghost, The Sugarcoats, Timmy's Organism, Woodman and MORE/OTHERS will be paying homage to those who have come before."
Which includes covers (and costumes) of:
The Velvet Underground, Suicide, Spinal Tap, SheRex, The Stooges, rAMoneZ, Thin Lizzy, The Modern Lovers and DEVO
Meanwhile at the Ferndale Public Library - continuing their incremental foray into making a haven for dusty Faulkner collections and new shiny Dan Brown scribbles a much hipper place (that particularly supports the local music scene) - the Library is hosting another free all ages early-show - this time, Halloween themed - with the classiest party band you could find, The Beggars, along with an electro-punk who lives for this holiday, Carjack (pictured) - 10/24 - 6:30 - Ferndale Public Library


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